Monday, September 27, 2010

pgAgent Configuration on Windows

Here are the steps which some one can use to configure the pgAgent. These steps are tested on my machine:

1. Login to system as test_user:

Please create a pgpass.conf file in test_user %APPDATA%\postgresql directory:

Entry for pgpass.conf should be as given below:
2. Connect to database as given below:
C:\”Program Files”\PostgresPlus\8.4\bin\psql.exe -U postgres 
(Above command will also verify that pgpass.conf is used by the psql command or not)
3. After connecting to database, create plpgsql language as given below:
4. Now, run the pgagent.sql file.

5. Create pgAgent service, as given below:
pgagent.exe INSTALL pgAgent -u test_user -p test hostaddr= dbname= user=
3. Start the created service using following command:
net start pgAgent
4. While Creating job, Please keep the output of following command in “Host Agent” field of “pgAgent Job” window:
select jagstation from pageant.pga_jobagent;


  1. like the way you have described this.. looking forward to information on HOT standby if you can. thanks.

  2. Sure Vik...

    Soon you will find the steps of Hot Standby and Replication features of PG9.0